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Kaftan oh Kaftan

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It’s exactly another 10 days before Raya Aidilfitri. My ambition for this coming Raya is to find a kaftan. A good solid kaftan and it has to be RM400 below.  At first, my sneaky eyes caught a design in by Radzuan Radziwill collection. I try hard not to have a black kaftan but this is too irresistible, no?

Radzuan Radziwill Jersey Gathered Kaftan in Black


The price of this fine gorgeous kaftan is RM380. For many, RM380 is expensive. However, calculating that it is a design by the famous Radzuan Radziwill, I must say, it is very reasonable. From the moment I saw it, I told myself, oh I’d found a perfect stylish kaftan. UNTIL I saw of its backside. I have huge ass! I will definitely ruined the kaftan.

Told myself. Nope. I need to find another kaftan. Saw a Facebook page named Addira. Oh la la. They have the finest reasonable price kaftans there. I was so excited like a kid just found a bowl of candies. I later knew I was a day late. 😦 The booking is already closed and it will re-open right after Raya.  The kaftans are too gorgeous, I saved the website so I could buy one later.

I know exactly how I want my kaftans to be. I have few designs in mind. I  have high hopes again when I accidentally viewed another Facebook page.

It’s the in-style now. Hello Arabia!




From all the discussion I had with the seller, about to make an order today, the seller surprised me with ‘u missed the first order..i will contact u again when i starting to collect the next order’. My heart sink. Oh no, what should I wear then on Raya?

I have no hope to buy any clothes. By now, I want to believe in complete nudity for Raya. Sounds awesome, no? Due to my continuous devastation, I decided to go through I used to buy a blouse there. Maybe I will buy something else to cure my heartbroken feeling over kaftans.

Oh wait… i might have something for Raya.

This is Leia Maxi Dress – Purple POPPY. Price RM79.00. Cheap as HELL! *jumping jumping


They have bright orange and grey colour. Since I already have a grey Kurung Moden for 1st Raya, and a bright orange colour will be too insecure (afraid i will look drop dead plum), I choose to have purple. I only have 2 purple Kurungs and never once wear the colour on Raya. My family will throw an open house on 2nd Raya so I need to look simple and stylish. Nothing over the top. This is perfect.

The dress is out of stock for now. I will wait, hopefully they will re-stock it on time. This is my last hope. Or else, I will wear nothing but my own skin. Maybe some fake tattoos to cover up the revealing lush.


Written by jennastyles676

August 20, 2011 at 1:53 am

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