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Am fcuking annoyed with MR D. Sometime, he can be so baran it annoys me. We have plans. Great plans. Due to our stupid argument, I’m thinking of a silent cancellation. It’s always been my expertise to cancel things with him bila dia buat perangai. Having a bestfriend who’s cold-hearted and care-less can be such a ‘good’ payment. Blergh bosan betul. If he read this, I’m dead-meat. I’m thankful for I had a fun night with great friends beforehand that his crankiness didn’t effects me much.

These past few days have been busy! So many reunions and open-houses. I went back home as late as 2am. I had the best reunion tonight in Zie Corner, Kuala Terengganu. I laughed the whole time. There were around 10 people altogether and we were so loud, super loud that all the attention were given to us. I know! we were so annoying lol We were so funny that the workers and other customers were laughing when they over-heard us. We took pictures in a very Kuch Kuch Hota Hei way having my red long scarf as our trademark with some of the boys. The only thing we failed to do is to lay down on the ground and golek-golek, in Hindustani style.

I got my first salary as an English tutor for SPM student, Alhamdullillah. It was my last class tonight and I’m a bit sad. My student has been nice to me. I gave my student RM20 as duit raya, RM50 to my lil brother for he’s been great in sending me back and forth to classes, and another some to my mom and grandma. I believe if I’m being kind to others and tak berkira, God will give His rewards in many ways. If it’s not physical, it’s certainly a spiritual.

Overall, it’s a day with a smile 🙂


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September 6, 2011 at 6:59 pm

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