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Say NO to RICE

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so it’s been 6 days since i last touch any rice. i feel weak, but i need to get use to it. i’ve gain so much pounds/Kgs it’s unbearable. during the no-rice period, i did not manage to work out unfortunately. i got busy. for this past few days, i’ve suffered massive stomach-ache and back-pain as well as losing appetite to eat. God forbid, hopefully it’s a minor sickness.


i’ll be hitting the gym later today for a Barrymore’s delicious body. that’s a promise.


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November 24, 2011 at 8:20 pm

A wise end

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regarding my last blog, him and I finally texted each other and we agree to depart. i’d made a choice to him that i’m not ready for a relationship and we’re better off as friend. to tell you the truth, i may not understand relationship much, but the only thing i am not ready with is marriage since it revolves responsibilities. however, relationship is not something i run away from, i just have not meet the right guy.

i know we (him and i) are so contradicting from each other. after our decision-making today that i realized, the claiming of 7 years friendship and knowing each other too well is a false statement and i neglect of the reality.

the truth is,

i don’t even know him. time do change people. either it’s me or him, we just dont ‘click’. told him we can be friends but there’s no way it can be more. not in our contradicting life/belief/passions.

i am finally happy with my decision.

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November 24, 2011 at 1:32 pm

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Forbidden Love

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  1. Loving someone who loves you but dont want to try harder is never a good feeling.
  2. Having someone who belongs to others is more frustrating.
  3. Having a guy who is 15 minutes away from you but 8 months without a meeting or date is heartbreaking.
  4. Having ‘pause’ moments so many times is unbearable.
  5. Keeping it is really going nowhere.

What should i do?

Should i stop hoping? Should i accept other people’s proposal? Should I marry someone else?

I’m contented with my life on other aspects but not on love. It fails to make me feel very happy, far yet to have me on cloud 9. If this is the risk of being in love, it’s better if i don’t be in one. I can’t help but to believe in love after marriage. It’s better than having to be in love but never married.

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November 20, 2011 at 12:04 am

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