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A new year, A blessing life. Hello 2012

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2012 is an unpredicted year. when i think my charms were all wasted and gone, when men i knew treated me like shit (they are only in their late 20s), God give me his unconditional love – the best gifts, new people, new atmosphere, a new life. This year, i get to know so many new people from my jobs and from friends. From the jobs itself, there were delegates around the world gathered, ministers as well as high ranking people from Malaysia that I manage to make bonding with. It was a blessing indeed. I’m done with immature people. I’m ready for a new challenge, the matured ones.

Lets start with the Tan Sri i knew recently. We’ve met due to a part-time job position that i was offered. I personally worked under him. So this Tan Sri, a friend and I, we had our dinner in Bangsar today. It was luxurious and I was surprised with his taste buds. So many foods, yet there were only the three of us. Not to mention,  he is also a nice man surprisingly and we have the similar favourite foods, Japanese. He offered me a diplomat job once i’m done with my studies. For this, I am inspired to study better, to show him that it’s not only my charm he can rely to. I’m worth the job.

I also met a journalist from New Straits Time. We knew on work-related basis and I was surprised when he texted me. I did not gave him my number. Later I found out he owns my number  from a card given to him by a friend. We started to be an official friend instead of working buddies. He  loves Nasi Lemak 🙂

My bestfriends, the trios, we also agreed to meet new people and do fun activities together. Start looking yet be smart. They introduced me to some possible candidates, likewise i did introduced them to mine. We worked together to get our Mr Right. I’m fine if the match-making isnt working, the idea of knowing new people and do activities together, that what i’m perceived. I always wanted an outdoor man, where we could go hiking, exercise and travel around the world. That’s my mr perfect. An outdoor man is a great bonus.

As for me, I plan to study hard, to lose weight (constantly hitting to the gym), learn to be a pianist, learned spanish/france/mandarin languages, tour the world and worked as a diplomat/an ambassador and to be extra charming 😛 I’m going to DREAM BIG 🙂


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February 9, 2012 at 8:37 pm

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