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Haris and his injured eye.

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so after a month of being separated from my family due to my crazy schedule, i choose to go back this weekend only for a day because i miss my cheekily nephews so much. least that i knew, something had occurred to one of them.

Haris, age 8 had an accident at the nursery where one of the kid there throw-ed an iron ruler to Haris causing his right cornea scratched.

Little ones these days are very naughty!

DO TAKE NOTE, regardless of HOW HARMLESS the objects look, never underestimate children’s power to injure others, either purposely or by mistake. At this juncture, parents and guardian should play a great role in supervising and teaching these children the do’s and the don’t’s.


Haris with his pirate eye after being injured by a kid at the nursery.


My sister-in law brought Haris to an eye specialist today. The result of the medical check-up will be out by tomorrow to determine whether Haris needs a surgery or not.

The only thing he could say today was, ‘Mama, how am i suppose to read? I want to read’, and feeling all gloomy. Poor thing đŸ˜¦

Please pray that the medical check-up will turn out well and he’ll recover soon.



Written by jennastyles676

March 9, 2012 at 7:25 pm

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