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I’ve been kissed.

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Unexpected and beyond words. Attractions can really make good things gone bad. Starting from hate and end up to a passionate kiss. Oh myy, what have i done.

Yes, i’ve kissed a man yesterday i was once hate and turn him on so hard it’s unbeliveable. We’ve been friends for years and we rarely see each other. It was a sudden invitation from him to meet up and catch a movie. It started as a friend hang out, an innocent movie, and it’s not even a date. We shared harmless stories, we played around and …… It happens. In his freaking car.

He enjoyed every second of it and claimed that i’m a good kisser. Least to his knowledge, i felt nothing. It was only my self- gratification that speaks. Teasing him pleased me. Now, he wanted to see the more of me. Instead of asking me to sleep with him, he started to plan activities. Walking around Chinatown, doing a kuala lumpur tour by foot and hang out more. I appreciate his sincerity but that sounds like a relationship to me.

I should stop. No?


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April 7, 2012 at 6:04 am

INNOCENT vs NAUGHTY. which wins?

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yes, i got that yesterday. a confession from a guy to a friend of mine. it was my first time hearing such statement from a guy out of 25 years of my life. it was our first meeting, so we had a deal to not mess around. i got annoyed hearing those, i was being defensive and my ego lifted.

and SNAPPED! realization hit in!

how wrong i was to encounter such feeling. i shouldn’t be bothered, at all. i know how CAPABLE I AM to turn a guy on. i know how many would want to do me, and i know how playful i can get. i laughed to myself. SILLY ME!! such a non-necessary irritation feeling 😛

before i knew it, he text-ed me and trying to flirt around. so i put a little bitsy of my fluffy purr flirtatious on him.


Him: you are really good at being innocent. you played me.

Me: I did? *smiling*


as usual, IT WORKS like a charm! *giggles.


Written by jennastyles676

April 4, 2012 at 6:37 am

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