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Kidnapped by a dark spell.

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I always want to post something. I have too many stories in life, but I don’t have the urge to script that out. At times, due to busyness. Another, i’m just plain lazy. Today I do, because what happened today, it is vital, to me and many women out there.

Kidnapped. Yes that’s the word.

I got a call from my best friend 15 minutes ago that his 18 years old sister had been kidnapped yesterday in Penang. I was shocked as if my best friend was reading a news to me from some local newspaper. I had to ask him many times, am I dreaming or have I awake listening to what he’d said because I was in disbelief. He told me he cried the whole night and had not eaten since then. The family had tried to look for her, and using any method possible, including seeking the help from pious people to relocate as well as praying for her safety. It is the law in Malaysia that in a case of a missing person, the report must be make after 48 hours. Unless there is any eye-witness who witnessing the incident, then the exception applied where the report could be make. In my best friend’s case, there was no eye-witness so they had to wait.

After so many prayers and search among families, she had been returned today’s morning, Alhamdullillah. I was relieved to hear that. Unfortunately, his sister could not remember anything that had happened. She’s in trauma, terrified and feels dumb. It is always a common case in Malaysia to feel that way when a person is put on a dark spell. This is what we called in our language ‘pukau’. Pukau is a prohibited work of all the religions where a person is negotiating with a dark spirit to put a spell on someone’s else to get what they want. When a person is put on a spell, they will follow whatever that were instructed to them and will not remember anything. Mostly, people use it to get money, jewelleries, robbing a house or in certain cases, for rapping.

After the medical check-ups, she was found unharmed. But her things was stolen. I think i know how terrified she is, knowing that she could not remember a single event. If the case was within me, I would ask myself, what if I were molested, where have I sleep, what have I eat, what had happened and who kidnapped me? God forbid. I hope it will not happened to me or anyone of you out there. Be careful with your items and try to not walk alone. Always be aware of the people around you especially the one who kept eye-ing on you. Pukau could happened even in the busiest area.

By the time I am writing this, they were heading to a police station for an official report.



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June 5, 2012 at 5:07 am

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