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A life lesson learned from a beggar.

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For the past few days, I had been miserably lost. Whatever I did, it does not seem right. I grounded myself in my room for two days, I did not want to talk to everyone including my loves one. Then I decided, I need to do something regarding this heart malfunction so I went out. I met my best friend for lunch, watched Snow White movie in cinema alone, and shopped some magazines, a belt and a cardigan, yet i still felt lost. I was out of words to describe the feeling. It was just, empty.

I called another best friend again for dinner although I first hesitate and choose to be at home lying on my bed like a puppy who lost its mother. I fetch her, and we went to Secret Recipe. During a walk to Secret Recipe, there was a man, very skinny, and not of my race. He’s an Indian, dark, with old torn clothes and miserable look sitting outside KFC fast food store which is beside the Secret Recipe. I remembered when I first saw the man, I got a little bit unsecured so I hold on to my handbag tightly, in case he’s going to steal it. He gave me a gestures that he needed to eat and I replied no. He did not forced me and laid back sitting there which was kind of rare because most of this people, they’ll never give up on begging.

When I was in Secret Recipe, I ordered prawn macaroni and cheese. Weird that I did not enjoyed it. So I asked my best friend to finish it up and I told her I want to buy a  Famous Bowl from KFC for supper. It’s a rice with chicken and a glass of carbonate drink. I choose to not leave any tips considering I had not much money left. So, there I was with RM 14 in my purse.

When I laid my feet outside the Secret Recipe, I saw him again, the old man who approximately at the age of 45. We glances at each other for a while but he has this look, not evil, but a look of a man having a rough time in his life. Then he face the front and sat there with a glass of water beside him. I felt a sudden sadness. He looked so tired and hungry. I entered KFC and I told my best friend I want to buy some food for the guy, so I bought him the same thing I had. Amazingly the food cost me RM 14 which was exactly what I had in my purse. I understand now why I hesitate much to leave any tips in Secret Recipe.

Before I pass him the food, there he was with a water from God knows when, sipping through it even though there was practically nothing in the container. When I pass him the food, he took it with a thank you, and eyes lighten up with a very starving look. He did not look elsewhere and keep focusing on his food. I felt like tearing up. Miracle, whatever I had felt for the past few days, such lost, lifted. There’s always a phrase saying giving feels good. No, it’s not good. It’s AWESOME! 3 days of sorrow disappeared by one act of kindness.

I feel bad however, for my 1st impression toward him. Many of us, we judge a book by it’s cover instead of what’s in it.  I was lucky that my 1st judgment made me realise how ungrateful and stupid I was. I learn a lesson, regardless of how bad a person look, how homeless he can be, and even if he’s a drug addict, he is still one of us. People may call them ‘beggars’, but I call them human.


Whatever that we have, it is never permanent and it is never ours. It is truly from God. Start giving and start being compassionate on other human being. You never know their prayers for you are more sincere and better then your own prayers to God.




Written by jennastyles676

June 6, 2012 at 6:21 pm

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