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To travel or cancel the Australian trip?

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It was a mix feeling at first.

Having my family opposing the idea of travelling alone because they are dead worry of my safety, I was myself trying to cope up with the nerve of going solo for the first time to an unknown country and the adrenaline rush of wanting it more than anything, was never easy. Even a few hours before my flight, my father actually asked me to cancel the trip and promised me a better trip next time with family under his expenses. I was contemplating much. Too much.

To Travel or Cancel?

I had my return flight tickets around 6 months before the actual date to Sydney. I was worrying about lots of things and every of my concern leads me to cancel the trip.

There were some excuses I had in mind. Among the major excuses were:

1) I need to look good and lose some pounds before travelling which I totally failed to accomplish.

2) My parents and many of close ones were not in favour of my decision to go on my own.

3) I was too nervous.


The only thing which driven me to proceed was my passion over travelling. The nerve wrecking that got into me is what craves me to go further and challenge myself. I love the ability of not knowing whats hidden behind the wall. With only 3 hours left to pack, I’ve made my decision to decline my father’s offer for full expenses and proceed with the trip under my own cash (which took me a year of savings from numerous part time jobs I did in between studying). What I had in mind at that moment was, if I don’t start now, I will never know when will I have the courage again. This is for me, not for anyone else. I have to do this.


Your passion have the power to overrun your nerves.


True that. I am pretty proud to say, I made a wise decision 🙂


Will continue on my travel on the next post.



Written by jennastyles676

October 4, 2012 at 9:45 pm

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