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Near death experiences being hospitalised.

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The last time I got admitted to hospital was when I was 17th during national service. I had a high fever up to 40 Celsius. After 5 drips and hours of sickness, the doctor said I have to be admitted to the emergency room. He suspected it was denggi. I remembered the thought of am I going to die because I could hear the doctor himself came every 5 minutes and instructed the nurse to stay with me all the time. I was too weak to open my eyes. After further treatment, medication and few more drips, I survived the horror. I was given a week leave for national service.

3.30 am today, I suddenly realised that I could not breath. My heart beats like a mad train. I couldn’t stop crying and I was really panic. I went to my friend’s room and asked her to bring me to the hospital. Again, the hospital staff put me into emergency room. I really thought, what if my heart suddenly stop beating because I could feel how fast it was. I only wished to let me stay furthest away from sleeping on hospital bunk bed. I’m allergic to hospital. It gives me chills. Now, while writing this blog, my breathing is much better than before after all of the medications and treatment given. Somehow, I have to be very thankful to one of the nurse who actually talked to me throughout the process so that I could shift my mind from thinking too much about my breathing disorder and focus on happy thoughts . Kudos to the nurse, it works like a charm. I could still feel the pain though around my chest and I still couldn’t breath properly, but by time, I hope it’ll get better.


Facts of the day: Don’t get panic! I panic and my whole body cramps. As  mentioned earlier, the nurse managed to calm me down so that the cramps could be released. Think of happy thoughts and control your breathing by inhaling oxygen more.



Written by jennastyles676

October 5, 2012 at 10:14 pm

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