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Losing Smoking Virginity at the age of 25

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Tell me I’m lame. Yes, I had my first sip of cigarette 2 days ago at the age of 25.

It started of when a friend and I just got back from a half-made assignments due in 2 days. Taking a Law Degree with Hons is not easy. In my case, it comes with the price. I started having continuous migraines and workloads isn’t much helping to cure it. Unfortunately, other unnecessary problems trying to sneaks in at most wrong time of the semester.


She: Want some? (Handing over her cigarette)

I: Sure. What the hell (Taking a sip. And more sips)

She: How do you feel?

I: Kind of good. I feel better.


Yesterday, I bought a box of light Dunhill. And I had 2 cigarettes by myself. I went to class later with a bad smell of nicotine and it was a total discomfort for the rest of 2 hours class. I showered just to get rid of the smell.

I guess I was not born to be a nicotineholic.

3 of my close guy friends found out about this. One of them said that it was a stupid move. Another one said, he hate smokers, and the other kept telling me he was not trying to be my mother but insisted in telling how bad it will cost me.

I guess pressure and the eager of trying do take a leap out of me.

What do you think of girls who smoke? Does it really make a girl looks bad?


Written by jennastyles676

October 30, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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