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Samsung Galaxy S3 – My New Toy.

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I bought Samsung Galaxy S111 after watching Kate from the used it for her trip to South Africa. The power of blogging – you end up buying stuff. And the power of googling – you end up finding that S3 is the most best-seller smartphone currently in the world. I took less than an hour to decide by purchasing it online. How crazy is that? With the power on our fingertips, anything is possible.


After making some research on the specs,between I Phone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3, I thrilly decides that Samsung is my ideal phone. Especially with the bigger screen, the panorama photos and more battery life. This is my 2nd day owning this marble white beauty, Samsung Galaxy S111, and dare I tell you, I have no regret. Coming from someone who owned an old Nokia without colour screen, cost only RM 90 which equal to USD $25, I have no power to compare with any other smartphones available out there. Noted that I still love my old school phone because it has torchlight! Very convenient if my car breaks down or something fall out under the car seat.

I am still trying to get use to this s3 phone and what’s hot in it. I bet I’ll get more excited whilst exploring and unleashing its beauty. Proven fact, I am typing this blog with S3!

These photos were taken with the S3. Enjoy!



Dinner at Royal Event.



Written by jennastyles676

November 22, 2012 at 6:59 am

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