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My secret crush, McDreamy.

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Well. Well. Well. *Giggling*

Ermm. *Grinning*

I’m out of words actually. But one could not hide her excitement.

She, and she meant I, have eye-ing on a guy for a very long time. Let’s called him Z, a senior in my high school with few years of gap.

This was how I used to remember him:

1) A brain of an Einstein (extreme intelligence).

2) Scorching hot, hot, hot!

3) My ideal guy.

5) We never talked. Not one word.

6) Always a leader (everywhere he was, he always end up as a leader).

7) A great smile. *melting*

8) My secret crush.

9) Chances of being with him – ZERO.

10) Playboy-less.

11) A kind hearted.

12) A guy next door.

And he flew to France to further his study in Engineering under the Government Scholarship. By now he had already completed his Master.

I stopped eye-ing on him for a while after realising that he was in a relationship with the people of his kind (the smart one). I did however liked his status in Facebook page, and commented to a few since I still secretly like him. He remained invisible/silence as expected. A year or two had past since then.

Today, I had some rough day so I went out and met my gorgeous bff and her sister. While going through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw his status and decided to view him once again (he’s getting more successful as predicted and travelled like I always yearn from a guy). Wait, no photos of the girlfriend? What?


AND I SMILED. *grinning**smiling**grinning again*



Suddenly, I could feel the adrenalin rush and my heart pumping madly.

My hands were cold sweats.

I was flustered.

I acted unconsciously like I was 16th having a crush with some dude.

And, I still am (all of the above) while writing this.


So, this is how having a crush feels like. As if you (well, I) want to kiss him, marry him, jump into a plane and travel around the world, and make lots and lots of babies with him. Heee 😛 I kind of forgot this feeling after so long.

I did spin some wheel today though. I ‘like’ his photo and commented on it (and that took me a whole lot of guts). We’ll see how things goes.

Having him is something I would never have imagine. He’s too perfect?

But it’s okay. He’s my McDreamy. Where I can see, but not touch. The one that I will be watching from far. 🙂



Written by jennastyles676

February 21, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Fact of the day 4

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Losing me is the best thing for now. But one day you will realise I’m the best you’ve got.


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February 20, 2013 at 4:33 pm

Do this on Valentine’s Day if you dare.

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I found something hilarious while going through MPH bookstore on 14 February. Have to post this!


A saucy greeting card. Kinky much? :p Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

Written by jennastyles676

February 17, 2013 at 9:29 pm

List of items to bring when travelling/backpacking.

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Since I have the experience of travelling solo previously, this time around I knew what I really needed to bring. And it was a lot lesser. I brought basic items and my own toiletries. However all of those were mini toiletries that I took everytime I stayed in any hotel in Malaysia. Instead of going for fashionable clothes, I choose to bring simple clothes, comfortable and lighter in weight (South East Asia is a humid place. You don’t need a sweater).

A must items to bring for Cambodian trip:
1) Sport shoes.
2) Toiletries.
3) Tissues (wet and dry).
4) A hidden pouch (under the clothes) to put passport, important documents and some cash.
5) Sling bag.
6) Some light make up.
7) A smartphone (to function as a camera and for internet purposes), and another cheap phone that has a long lasting batttery.
8) Sunglass.
9) Few light clothes.
10) Swimsuit.
11) Socks.
12) Student card (It is very useful if you travelled to South East Asia. Some touristic places allowed you to pay half price for the entrance).
13) Extension for charger (since their plug may not be as similar as in your country).
14) Aspirin.
15) Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) Cash since you may use it during urgency or on the flight (if you plan to buy something).
16) US Dollar! They don’t use their money much so don’t bother to exchange your money to Cambodian currency.


USD Dollar (the balance from my journey)

Written by jennastyles676

February 13, 2013 at 7:45 am

Choosing Cambodia.

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When I was backpacking to Australia few months back, the first thing the other travellers/backpackers asked me was have I travelled across South East Asia? Because most of them did and they seemed to enjoy South East Asia very much. It was a bit embarassing to me that I have not covered my own neighbouring countries and not being able to tell them what’s best there to see. That was when I had decided to travel across South East Asia in 2013.

I keep my words tight, and flew 2 hours away by flight to Cambodia last month. Woohoo! There was a rush in my heart since Cambodia is well-known as one of the poorest countries in South East Asia. Somewhere I would never consider travelling solo at first due to the rate of bribery among polices, the possibility of being mugged and crimes occured. If their police force is a bit convincing, I would have try. I went there with another 3 friends. A woman and 2 men. My family was convinced to let me go since I went with the boys (manage to inform my parents on my birthday, a week before the date of departure :p. Pls do not follow my method of telling your parents. I did that to escape being scolded. Hehe).

Written by jennastyles676

February 13, 2013 at 7:25 am