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When I was backpacking to Australia few months back, the first thing the other travellers/backpackers asked me was have I travelled across South East Asia? Because most of them did and they seemed to enjoy South East Asia very much. It was a bit embarassing to me that I have not covered my own neighbouring countries and not being able to tell them what’s best there to see. That was when I had decided to travel across South East Asia in 2013.

I keep my words tight, and flew 2 hours away by flight to Cambodia last month. Woohoo! There was a rush in my heart since Cambodia is well-known as one of the poorest countries in South East Asia. Somewhere I would never consider travelling solo at first due to the rate of bribery among polices, the possibility of being mugged and crimes occured. If their police force is a bit convincing, I would have try. I went there with another 3 friends. A woman and 2 men. My family was convinced to let me go since I went with the boys (manage to inform my parents on my birthday, a week before the date of departure :p. Pls do not follow my method of telling your parents. I did that to escape being scolded. Hehe).


Written by jennastyles676

February 13, 2013 at 7:25 am

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