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My secret crush, McDreamy.

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Well. Well. Well. *Giggling*

Ermm. *Grinning*

I’m out of words actually. But one could not hide her excitement.

She, and she meant I, have eye-ing on a guy for a very long time. Let’s called him Z, a senior in my high school with few years of gap.

This was how I used to remember him:

1) A brain of an Einstein (extreme intelligence).

2) Scorching hot, hot, hot!

3) My ideal guy.

5) We never talked. Not one word.

6) Always a leader (everywhere he was, he always end up as a leader).

7) A great smile. *melting*

8) My secret crush.

9) Chances of being with him – ZERO.

10) Playboy-less.

11) A kind hearted.

12) A guy next door.

And he flew to France to further his study in Engineering under the Government Scholarship. By now he had already completed his Master.

I stopped eye-ing on him for a while after realising that he was in a relationship with the people of his kind (the smart one). I did however liked his status in Facebook page, and commented to a few since I still secretly like him. He remained invisible/silence as expected. A year or two had past since then.

Today, I had some rough day so I went out and met my gorgeous bff and her sister. While going through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw his status and decided to view him once again (he’s getting more successful as predicted and travelled like I always yearn from a guy). Wait, no photos of the girlfriend? What?


AND I SMILED. *grinning**smiling**grinning again*



Suddenly, I could feel the adrenalin rush and my heart pumping madly.

My hands were cold sweats.

I was flustered.

I acted unconsciously like I was 16th having a crush with some dude.

And, I still am (all of the above) while writing this.


So, this is how having a crush feels like. As if you (well, I) want to kiss him, marry him, jump into a plane and travel around the world, and make lots and lots of babies with him. Heee 😛 I kind of forgot this feeling after so long.

I did spin some wheel today though. I ‘like’ his photo and commented on it (and that took me a whole lot of guts). We’ll see how things goes.

Having him is something I would never have imagine. He’s too perfect?

But it’s okay. He’s my McDreamy. Where I can see, but not touch. The one that I will be watching from far. 🙂



Written by jennastyles676

February 21, 2013 at 7:21 pm

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