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Losing 10 kg.

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Remember on my last post about being fit and healthy?

Ever since, I lose 10 kg! 🙂 *silly dance*

Well, it comes with the price though. I got bird flu, Influenza A so I’ve been admitted in hospital for almost a week, with another one week of quarantine. I am officially free from bird flu yesterday.

How to lose weight? I rarely consume rice. Trust me, it works.

However, there are more kgs to go. Pray hard for me 🙂

I am excited to lose more baby fats!



Written by jennastyles676

December 19, 2013 at 10:13 am

The best revenge is to stay fit and healthy.

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I am not a size 6. I am well, as people told me a “cute” woman. But lets cut the chase alright people? I am just fat, and I am not ashamed of it.

At first, I never bothered about my weight. For as I know of, I don’t have a boyfriend, I need to focus on my study so I allowed myself to eat luxury (as in large portion). I skip meals so when I eat, it’s for the whole day and usually at night. I am overweight too. In other words, I am not living a healthy life nor healthy.

I used to date guys before, and used to get…. well…. courted from random men whenever I go out. It’s not as many as before now, so the thrilled of flirting, I guess, kind of gone. As much as I believe I am pretty, it decreases my confidence level, at least almost a quarter of the percentage. I always want to look healthy and be pretty, and imagining myself in size 8 or 10 (I don’t want a size 6). I love playing with different types of fashion, hence my career involves around that. Being me, there are limitations in exploring fashion or choosing outfit. It has to be in accordance with the body. I get frustrated a lot, especially after going to the store trying to buy clothes and they either didn’t fit, or it just looks horrible on me for the extra kilos of fat circulating around my body.

Then one day, something happened.

1) I got dumped. Indirectly, by 2 men who used to one, love me, second, like me. Men are as usual, a visual person. I accept this fact and their decisions.

2) I feel tired all the time. Sometime I get sleepy although I have enough sleep. I got lazy too.

3) I followed an instagram of a lady by the name of netbasma. Oh lordy, i was inspired by her. She was fatter than me and she turned to be a very fit lady, classy and pretty all in once, after the weight lost.





4) It has always been my long life dream to be healthy. Not skinny, but healthy.

5) To wear a bikini, jumpsuit, simple top or short without having to be concern of all the fats.

So, I decided to change myself. I am not going for a drastic change, but I am going to phase I can follow. I cut eating rice now. Putting down that nasty carbohydrates of rice is, let me say it out loud, HARD. As a beginner, I trade rice with something else, for example noodles. It still have carbohydrates that human needs but it is not as much as rice. This has been my 7 days cutting off rice. How time flies. My diet plan, well is not as healthy yet. However, as of today, I tried my best to resist fats.

1st day: Fried beehoon for lunch. Maggi curry for dinner. A bit of late night unhealthy snacks :p

2nd day: Beehoon Soup for lunch. Bread with minched beef for dinner.

3rd day: Beehoon Soup for lunch. Assam Laksa for dinner.

4th day: Beehoon Soup for lunch.

5th day: Spaghetti Bolognese

6th day: Curry Ramen and Sukiyaki for dinner. 2 apples for late night snack.

LETS DO THIS AINAA! Inspiration body:

Drew Barrymore.




Written by jennastyles676

December 6, 2013 at 9:56 pm