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From heartbreak to enjoying the dating world ❤

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I went on dates. Plenty of dates and I’m still doing it now. But one morning I asked myself, why am I enjoying this so much when normal women my age would want true love? I keep on shifting from one man to another. Embracing my dates good or bad, exploring characters, and feeling amazing for being treated right.

  • Disclaimer; It took me years to crawl back in dating perfect strangers. It wasn’t something I enjoyed or find comfortable previously.

It hit me later that I had a sad relationship before. My past guy was a torment. I was never happy and never felt as I’ve been treated right. I cried so much in that relationship and invested my feelings wholeheartedly. I’ve always thought he was the one. I let the red flags slide and choose to follow my stubborn feelings.

I realised I wouldn’t want that again and I find solace in the dating world instead of the real one. Previously, I wanted a guy for the wrong reason. I want someone who I could share my heart, thoughts, and my deepest secrets with. But my ex boyfriend was always unavailable and there I was, dying to be taken care of, and trying my hardest to please him, and wanting attention. In the end, I have to deal with my own feelings and we were always not in a good term. Our final goodbye wasn’t a good one. He decided to be engaged with another woman.

I got crushed, my hearts tore apart but I decided, THIS should stop. He had taken too much space in my heart, my mind and energy so I’m taking it back.

After a while, the feeling fades. Instead of embracing our good memories, I could only remember the sorrow that I was in and I don’t ever want to go there again.

Call it a blessing in disguise, my heartbreak is my saviour. I took charge of my feelings and I no longer want attention or wanting to be dependant on a man. Whenever I’m bored, I will find something useful to do even in my own presence. If I needed the love, I’ll make sure I’ll get it from myself, family or bestfriends. I’m finally taking care of my own heart now. I am happier and that’s when I find myself soaking back into the dating world, and it is actually fun.

As of now, I am single, happy and ready to mingle. I learn so much from my past experience. Most women when dating a guy would easily see the guy as a potential and imagining a life with him. On that department, I am glad that I don’t see that with the men I’ve dated with. However, I’ve seen them as people I should sincerely get to know, and I embrace their presence. I do not have expectation of where the dating should be. Even when we don’t have chemistry, it is something understandable. I would not however, declined any relationship opportunity or destiny arised in the future if there’s ever chemistry / interest from both parties. I’m pretty flexible 😜


Single girl living her life ❤


Written by jennastyles676

May 31, 2017 at 6:20 am

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