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Rudeness v Graceful

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Dressing with the most outdated attire and cheap sandals.The waiter brought me the bill for the food. I tried to search the money in the bag.-

I: Can you wait for a moment? (keep searching).

Waiter: (After almost a minute) You don’t have money?

The money suddenly popped out from the bag in front of him.

I: (Smiling) Of course I have. Or else I won’t come here.

Waiter: I’m sorry for my rudeness.

Sometime, being all mad is not the way to encounter rudeness. Who would have thought a smile and not taking it into heart makes a person apologise.



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August 5, 2013 at 8:52 am

Fact of the day 5

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If this is what depression feels like, it’s a no joke. I’m glad and thankful I still believe in God.



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July 16, 2013 at 2:25 pm

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Fact of the day 4

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It’s amazing that a person that is so dear to you can be so cruel & dumped you like you’re a piece of shit he/she once tasted.


How can he/she be so mean?

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July 15, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Mending a broken heart.

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So, I was almost in a relationship. Or so I thought when suddenly, we had a fight. It started from a small matter brought up as a big thing. I guess I was too mad at him that I could not deal any longer such cancellations on me. Every time he cancelled out on me, I forgave him, and he did it again. One could not help but feeling as being taken an advantage of.

We have decided to stay apart from each others life. The discussions about marriage between us have been made previously. I guess it is true what they say, words doesn’t mean prospect. In this scenario, it is just words. Nothing else. I have always thought marriage is something beyond reachable, as it is way too good for me. I have thought about marriage, but I could not have imagine myself in a white gown with bridal flowers and a ring on my left finger anytime soon. Not because I wasn’t ready, but because it is so hard to find a man who can accept me the way I am. Most men I met wanted to change my life the way they want it to be. My guts a winner. The wedding is off.

Am I sad? Of course I am. His sentence of wanting me to be ‘accountable for my actions’ makes me feel as I’ve been punished by the person who claimed to love me. I would never make him taste his own medicine.

I want to fight this relationship so bad. Yet this is out of my hand. I could not do this alone.

Nevertheless, God is Most Merciful, He have reasons for His action. I will walk as high as possible living the life as I have always desire for. Love can knock in and it can fade away. In our case, the ego kicks in. Our “end” is not something I am proud of. It just stop with a simple message and a tense atmosphere, but hey, there’s always something to learn from a bad break up. I believe some good may come after bad occurrences 🙂

Please wish me luck in future endeavors and enduring the “break up”.

P/S: I’m in the process of buying a ticket to Bali, Indonesia for my birthday this coming January. What will be a better way than travelling to mend a broken heart 🙂 Lets do this!


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July 8, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Life decision making.

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Steve Jobs words of wisdom keep lingering my mind. The effect is big.

I am in between the line of making the toughest decision in my life.

Quitting my studies or stay for another few more months.

I have already studied law for 6 years. And during this very last semester that I have decided to quit studying and focus on the course that I really want. People thought I am making the stupidest decision in my life. They thought I gave up. On the other hand, I am sure of what I want.


Taking a leap is not the easiest decision but the hardest right decision I’ve made.

I am in the process of wanting to do my own decision and trying to convince my family that I need it. As of now, they are against of what I am about to do. I am still here doing this because of them. But I realise I am doing this not for me anymore and I needed to stop.

Most of us is trying so hard to impress others that you lost the sense in you, the thing that you most wanted in life. Chase your dream. Don’t be me. I live life to impress others and it took me 26 years to realise that doing law is not the life that I really want.

For what it’s worth, fight for your life. Be true to yourself.


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April 2, 2013 at 8:20 pm

A birth of a baby boy named Adyan Mikaeel.

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The sacred date. A date that will be remembered.

A beautiful baby was born, named Adyan Mikaeel. He is my 3rd nephew, my new addiction and a new addition to our family. He is my third love at the first site, after the other nephews.

Welcome to the world my little angel. I am going to spoil you big time as I have spoilt your big brothers!





Adyan Mikaeel

Ahh cuteness exploded


Adyan with his brothers. Complete siblings.

Adyan with his naughty brothers. Complete siblings.


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March 31, 2013 at 11:04 pm

My secret crush, McDreamy.

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Well. Well. Well. *Giggling*

Ermm. *Grinning*

I’m out of words actually. But one could not hide her excitement.

She, and she meant I, have eye-ing on a guy for a very long time. Let’s called him Z, a senior in my high school with few years of gap.

This was how I used to remember him:

1) A brain of an Einstein (extreme intelligence).

2) Scorching hot, hot, hot!

3) My ideal guy.

5) We never talked. Not one word.

6) Always a leader (everywhere he was, he always end up as a leader).

7) A great smile. *melting*

8) My secret crush.

9) Chances of being with him – ZERO.

10) Playboy-less.

11) A kind hearted.

12) A guy next door.

And he flew to France to further his study in Engineering under the Government Scholarship. By now he had already completed his Master.

I stopped eye-ing on him for a while after realising that he was in a relationship with the people of his kind (the smart one). I did however liked his status in Facebook page, and commented to a few since I still secretly like him. He remained invisible/silence as expected. A year or two had past since then.

Today, I had some rough day so I went out and met my gorgeous bff and her sister. While going through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw his status and decided to view him once again (he’s getting more successful as predicted and travelled like I always yearn from a guy). Wait, no photos of the girlfriend? What?


AND I SMILED. *grinning**smiling**grinning again*



Suddenly, I could feel the adrenalin rush and my heart pumping madly.

My hands were cold sweats.

I was flustered.

I acted unconsciously like I was 16th having a crush with some dude.

And, I still am (all of the above) while writing this.


So, this is how having a crush feels like. As if you (well, I) want to kiss him, marry him, jump into a plane and travel around the world, and make lots and lots of babies with him. Heee 😛 I kind of forgot this feeling after so long.

I did spin some wheel today though. I ‘like’ his photo and commented on it (and that took me a whole lot of guts). We’ll see how things goes.

Having him is something I would never have imagine. He’s too perfect?

But it’s okay. He’s my McDreamy. Where I can see, but not touch. The one that I will be watching from far. 🙂


Written by jennastyles676

February 21, 2013 at 7:21 pm