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I got myself a new baby kitten.

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They are times when I’m home alone, I feel lonely. I will watch tons of youtube videos, tv series, clean up the house or cooking. Recently, I watched a Malaysian actress who studied in the US and have two cats. Watching her cats and how happy they makes her feels, entice me to get one. I always love cats.

Since I have some downs in my life recently, with school, and heartbroken, I’ve make my decision to own one. After trillions of research, I finally found the perfect match!

It was the perfect kitten, meant and born for me. When I crossed over her face, it was love at first sight. I’m hooked!



 How adorable is she?! At first, I want to call her Maya. But after seeing her for the first time live, she reminds me of Britney. Very active, playful, and smart. She loves to run and slides. Lol. I got her vaccinated and deworm a day after.

I had her for a week now. Few days ago she started to loose her appetite and don’t even drink. My goodness, I was so worried. She had Royal Canin Persian 32 and suddenly she refuse to eat. I was thinking to bring her to the vet, in case she got dehydrated or sick. After many advices by friends, I decided to buy a new kitten food called Lams, some canned foods, and treats. Oh my, she loves it! My baby is eating so well now 🙂

Like a boss

Like a boss


Cuddling session

Cuddling session


She is a flatface white persian mix with bengal marble. Having to have a personality of a bengal like her mom, it was not as easy. I have to always have my eyes close so that she will not do something that will injured herself. It took her quite sometime to get used to me. By now, she started to lick and cuddles with me. Whenever she demands my attention, I’m all hers! :p

Having her makes me feel like the happiest woman on earth. It’s true what they said, animals makes a person feels content. Britney gives me unconditional love, and knowing that, makes my heart glows. Men comes and goes, but Britney stays.

This is love.




Written by jennastyles676

January 9, 2014 at 8:47 pm