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My house A MESS!

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My God, my house is a mess! What should I do?

I was on a long vacation. I was travelling for almost 3 months. I was in hurry back then knowing how messy my house was, but now that I’m back, it’s terrible! My brother didn’t help me with the housechores. Leaving me headache.

I have no choice but to start working next week. This week, it’s spring cleaning! I have to finish it on Sunday because starting Monday, I’ll be Mulan. Working my ass off at work.

So, which should I start?

1) Kitchen.

2) Rooms (I will leave my brother’s room alone. That’s too much to handle).

3) Living Room.

4) Toilet.

I am practically cleaning the whole house. Knackered.

You can do this Ainaa. Take a deep breath, and start your ass navigating your house! Sing and dance while doing it. Imagine you’re a Snow White, dancing with 7 dwarfs and singing to birds. Oh yes!

I’ll make my house a beautiful modern English country side look. Okay, let’s not be too over Ainaa. Let’s just start with a neat one first! 😋



Written by jennastyles676

April 2, 2014 at 6:37 pm